Ready When They Are!

ThinkBox creates award-winning education and entertainment products, programs and properties inspired by children’s natural readiness to learn. ThinkBox has been helping children and grownups play and learn since 1997.

ThinkBox products and programs include websites, software, games, mobile apps, video, books, music, and more. Merging research-based education, top creative design, and innovative technology, ThinkBox develops and distributes learning products that respect every individual child’s natural curiosity and their individual learning path, and helps parents and teachers support the learning process. ThinkBox's playful, child-driven products ensure that youngsters are always discovering and experiencing the joy of learning.

ThinkBox was founded by a group of leaders from education and entertainment. Hailing from companies like Disney, Scholastic, and DreamWorks, these creative educators brought together decades of experience creating powerful, successful products for children, families, and schools.

A recognized leader in innovation and digital media, ThinkBox also provides advisory services to leading education and media companies to help them achieve their strategic objectives.

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