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Each child learns to read in their own time, and learning to read opens up a new world to the early learner. "I can read!" -- These exciting words are the objective of BookBox books, a set of 24 beautiful, easy-to-read books from ThinkBox. BookBox books are delivered in both print and eBook formats, and are at home both at home and school.

Based on the principles and stages of developmental reading and literacy, children can learn the different elements of learning, depending on what they’re ready for. In all, they learn concepts of print, such as reading from left to right and from top to bottom. They also learn reading strategies, such as how to recognize language patterns and some words by sight, as well as how to match words with pictures. BookBox is leveled according to well-established criteria, such as print features, story language, picture support, and high-frequency and decodable words.

BookBox celebrates children's early reading by providing progressive reading experiences that are tailor made for the individual child and reward learned skills and encourage the mastery of new skills. For more information on BookBox Books and other ThinkBox products, email us at info@ThinkBox.com.

Hardcover and softcover
Ages 3-6, Grades: PK, K
Program: 24 books
73/8 X 8 3/8, 16 pages

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