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Thematic Learning System

PlayBox™ is a family of modular learning programs that target specific learning objectives with theme-driven content units. Each program provides a series of themed, interchangeable modules - called PlayBoxes. Each PlayBox presents story-driven interactive learning experiences that children complete both on and away from the computer. Built with an active-learning instructional model, children can choose the order and pace of their learning. Teachers and parents easily assign units and monitor progress, knowing that by completing their PlayBox assignments, children are accomplishing critical objectives.

The first PlayBox product, PlayBox Theme Time™ addresses language and literacy development for preschool and elementary classrooms. PlayBox Theme Time delivers 52 modules that incorporate a wide range of on-computer, in-classroom, and take home activities. Correlated to key early childhood standards, PlayBox Theme Time also addresses mathematics, science, social studies, the arts, and personal & social development. PlayBox Theme Time has been used in thousands of classrooms all over the world.

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