I'm Ready

I'm Ready!
A magical musical play date for young learners.
Illustrated Storybook and Music

Imagine a day when the greatest park in the world literally springs to life. This group of city kids will never look at the world the same once their Nanny opens her magic bag. Teaser, Naps, and the rest of the Kindle Park crew leap out to lead a day of imagination, creativity, friendship, and learning fun.

I’m Ready! is a breakthrough kids project. It includes a colorful illustrated storybook set on stunning B&W photos and 15 original hit-quality songs by international recording star Ty Taylor (www.vintagetrouble.com). The engaging songs and story scenes like Me and My Imagination, Rhyme Time, and Believe in Possibility will have kids singing-, dancing-, and giggling along to the positive stories and irresistible beat.
Conceived and produced and Ty Taylor and Larkin Scott, I’m Ready! is the rare kids project that will win over both kids and their grownups. For more information on I'm Ready! and other ThinkBox products, email us at info@ThinkBox.com.

Ages 3-7
Book/CD package
CD, Downloadable MP3
Interactive App

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